Passionfor expansion

In 2007, driven by our passion for expansion, our family embarked on a new venture in the trading arena, giving rise to Sam Industrial Supplies. As importers of a diverse range of machines and industrial supplies, our venture quickly earned an impeccable reputation. Synonymous with reliability, Sam Industrial Supplies proudly offered an extensive array of high-quality products.

Building upon our successes, we recognized a vital aspect of modern life: security and safety. In 2014, we took the leap and founded Sam Security and Safety, providing holistic solutions in this domain. Leveraging our established history and reputation, we forged partnerships with renowned brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Portwest, and Safetyjogger, gaining the status of authorized dealers.

In 2019



In 2019, our family's vision expanded further to quench our nation's thirst for purity and distinction through the inception of Sam City Bottled Water. This state-of-the-art bottled water factory transformed Yemen's market landscape, offering a refreshingly distinctive choice.

Finally, in 2023, with decades of experience under our belt, we proudly introduced Sam Fashion. This latest venture aspires to become the premier head company for prestigious fashion brands, representing them as authorized dealers throughout Yemen. The central mission of Sam Fashion is to provide the Yemeni people with access to the highest quality, styles, and prices, addressing the scarcity of reputable and top-tier fashion brands in our region.

With a legacy spanning over half a century, Sam Fashion stands poised to leave a profound mark on Yemen's fashion landscape. Our unwavering dedication to quality, a history steeped in integrity, and a resolute commitment to enriching our customers form the bedrock of this dynamic new endeavor.



At Sam Fashion,

The past converges with the present to shape a future where elegance, style, and sophistication converge to redefine fashion in Yemen, one stitch at a time.

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Our Mission

At Sam Fashion, our mission is to empower elegance and redefine expression by curating a prestigious portfolio of fashion brands. As authorized dealers, we bring the finest collections from renowned designers to our discerning clientele, offering a transformative fashion experience. With a vision of inclusivity, we unite fashion excellence, promoting sustainable practices and making a positive social impact. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we curate an exceptional selection of renowned brands, embracing diversity and creating a realm of unparalleled fashion sophistication.